Oct 15, 2018

Photo by Marcial Koch

Collaboration with Marcial Koch und Salome Tschudin

Guiding time lines in the landscape around Tenna. Marcial's passion for fire in the night gave him the idea of a torch relay. This describes the following of a line in the landscape with a torch in the darkness. The walks were recorded with a long time exposure. I was one of the torch bearers. With 17 torches in our luggage, we set off for the Safiental in Graubünden. On site we scouted out possible routes and camera positions and marked them on a map. Together with other students we split into two teams.

Circle Walk

While 4 people were walking on a slope with a torch each, Marcial operated the camera. In this project he exposed sometimes over 5 minutes. Through experimental approach, dynamic pictures were created. The next night we visited another 3 places in Tenna, Safiental. This time the camera and torch team was in constant contact via telephone. In contrast to the pictures of the previous day, there is more of the surroundings visible in the pictures, which relates the landscape more appropriately. The project offered many exciting moments, but just to work outside at night in such a isolated place was something that is hardly ever possible.

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