Nov 1, 2018

COFFEE is an interactive kinetic installation that goes along with the intimate moment of two strangers meeting in a lonely but public space.

Collaboration with Edna Hirsbrunner and Janina Tanner


The installation COFFEE invites the passerby to play with an array of motors. The raffia attached to the engines follows the visitor on his way through the room. Consisting of 24 motors installed along a hallway the sheer scale of the installation is an immersive experience to the passerby. We have carefully designed and engineered the visual as well as the auditory experience to generate a unique spatial effect. Their instant reactivity and the warm sounds generated by the raffia rotors are meant to offer a focus point during the often awkward encounters that take place in the rather empty hallways at Toni-Areal. The name COFFEE arose from the used technology to control the motors, we used H bridges and shift registers. The latter are so called cascade of flip flops. COFFEE = cascade of flip flops engagement engine.

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